Laura C

Laura C

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  • Doświadczenie: Ponad 2 lata
  • Wykszałcenie: Wyższe, Politechnika śląska.
  • Zajęcia prowadzę: Gliwice Politechnika, Pracuję zdalnie (internet/telefon) · Mogę dojechać w odległości 5 km
  • Wynagrodzenie: od 50 zł za godzinę
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I am a 21 year old Zimbabwean girl , studying engineering chemistry at Politechnika śląska.
I prefer tutoring , helping with homework’s and even preparing for exams.
I am a certified English language ESOL tutor. I love teaching because I can help others improve their skills. It gives me joy and excitement meeting learners around the world.

In my class, I work with wonderful enthusiasm and positivity. I’m interested in many different topics, and I’m happy to focus on my learners’ goals.

See you!

Przedmioty: Język angielski · - Szkoła Podstawowa
Język angielski · - Gimnazjum
Język angielski · - Szkoła Wyższa
Język angielski · - Liceum
Język angielski · - Native speaker

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  • Wymień kilka ostatnio wykonanych zleceń.

    I’ve recently been tutoring English at Amuzo English school in Pyskowice. I enjoy doing this job because it provides unique perks, including building bonds with my students and opening the doors to life-changing experiences of teaching English in another country

  • Co najbardziej lubisz w swojej pracy?

    The thing I like most about teaching is my students. I love interacting with them, I love learning from them, I love helping them understand the content of any course and I love when they see the connection between what they are learning and their lives. I love it when a student tells me they hated to speak in public before having the course in public speaking but now they actually like it (or hate it far less). I love it when they let me know how they used supportive communication to decrease someone else’s defensiveness or how they now understand how their behavior influences the behavior of others when they are working in a small group. Having just completed my 43rd year of teaching, these things still excite me. My students are the reason I love teaching and will always do!”

  • Co poradziłbyś osobie szukającej osoby o Twoich umiejętnościach?

    Look for someone who is able to establish effective working relationships with students, able to train students on how learning takes place in their classroom without making them scared, able to protect and leverage time and lastly to establish standards of behavior that promote student learning.
    The most important component of classroom management is relationships. The relationship with students start at the door when you shake the their hand and greet them with a smile (regardless of what misbehaviors might have happened the day before). Those relationships are strengthened even by praising the students for every good deed!
    Look for someone who is ready to be there for their students.