Innocent B

Innocent B

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  • Doświadczenie: Ponad 2 lata
  • Wykszałcenie: Zawodowe, St Johns Emerald Hill High school
  • Zajęcia prowadzę: Gliwice Stare Gliwice, Pracuję u siebie na miejscu · Pracuję zdalnie (internet/telefon) · Mogę dojechać w odległości 5 km
  • Wynagrodzenie: od 50 zł za godzinę
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I am here to offer a stress-free environment filled with patience, and exciting conversations till my student grasps the language. I can help in any area you will need assistance, tests, assignments and essay writing.

Hope to see you!

Przedmioty: Język angielski · - Szkoła Podstawowa
Język angielski · - Gimnazjum
Język angielski · - Szkoła Wyższa
Język angielski · - Liceum
Język angielski · - Native speaker

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Pytania i odpowiedzi

  • Wymień kilka ostatnio wykonanych zleceń.

    I worked as a data clerk in an insurance company. I was collecting data about clients' information such as home addresses. It involved a lot of writing and typing into spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Wor,d and PowerPoint. I tutored a student living in Czerwionka leszczyny by helping her understand grammar for her exams.

  • Co najbardziej lubisz w swojej pracy?

    I get to help people be able to communicate effectively and fluently in English. I enjoy having conversations with my student where we can discuss about literally anything. There is also an advantge of getting to know somenone. It is always a rewarding experience.

  • Co poradziłbyś osobie szukającej osoby o Twoich umiejętnościach?

    Learning English isnt as hard as most people think. It requires the right strategy involving reading everything you can get your hands on, actively taking note of new vocabulary, travelling and simply interacting with someone who has a better or higher english level compared to you

  • Jeśli byłbyś(byłabyś) klientem, to co chciałbyś (chciałabyś) wiedzieć o Twojej profesji?

    I would like to know how to properly study tests, write good and fluent essays, be able to listen and understand the language, reading the nomenclature comprehensively and undestand them. I would like to understand the grammar, vocabulary and wordplay invloved in constructing sentences

  • Jakie pytania powinien zadać klient, aby znaleźć odpowiednią osobę z Twojej profesji?

    What’s your way of teaching english to student? How ,will the student comprehend and understand.?What is your learning assessment strategy? How will you know your sstudent'sprogressio?. How do you teach English? Methodology? What is the effective way a person can understand? What teaching material do you use?

  • Co powinien przemyśleć klient zanim zatrudni osobę o Twojej profesji?

    A client should think about the outcome and what they intend to achieve. Having a goal to reach a certain level of English for example C1, one needs a highly fluent and profficient tutor. They should think about the level of English of the tutor, does he make sure the client/student understands, the language, and how better they can improve it