Carlos L

Carlos L

  • Przedmioty: Język angielski - Szkoła Podstawowa
    Język hiszpański - Native speaker
  • Doświadczenie: Ponad 10 lat
  • Wykszałcenie: Wyższe, San Buenaventura University
  • Zajęcia prowadzę: Warszawa Ochota, Pracuję u siebie na miejscu · Pracuję zdalnie (internet/telefon) · Mogę dojechać w odległości 10 km
  • Wynagrodzenie: od 80 zł za godzinę
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I am certified TEFL English teacher. I have worked for more than 10 years with kids and teens.I can help them out improve their language and prepare themselves for different tests (Starters, Movers, Flyers). I am also a native Spanish speaker, if they want to improve or learn this beautiful language, I will be more than happy to teach it in a fun way.

Przedmioty: Język angielski · - Szkoła Podstawowa
Język hiszpański · - Native speaker

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Pytania i odpowiedzi

  • Wymień kilka ostatnio wykonanych zleceń.

    I had a 7-year old girl who needed to present her Cambridge test and we worked together for some time, and she passed her exam outstandingly.

    I also had a boy who I was teaching Spanish to, and he was so happy he could communicate in this beautiful language. He was just learning for fun.

  • Co najbardziej lubisz w swojej pracy?

    What I like best when I teach is the feeling of satisfaction when I see results, and how my students enjoy learning in a fun, but productive way. I also like challenges, and one of the biggest challenges is when you have to get to know the learning style of each kid, sometimes they just have their own way of getting things, for example, I had a girl who will only be focused when we play with her dolls, isn´t that cute?, so I was teaching her English by playing with her dolls. I really enjoy getting to know each kid´s own world, it is a great adventure.

  • Co poradziłbyś osobie szukającej osoby o Twoich umiejętnościach?

    You should always follow your instincts and your heart. However, make sure the person really is into kids, this is really important, is not just a matter of knowing the language or the subject to be taught, the most important is having that touch when it comes to teach kids. Patience plays a very important role, and not everybody has it.

  • Jeśli byłbyś(byłabyś) klientem, to co chciałbyś (chciałabyś) wiedzieć o Twojej profesji?

    What I would really like to know is if the person I am going to hire to teach my kids really likes working with kids. This is very important since the key for kids to actually get things depends, in a high percentage, on the teacher´s methodology and passion to work with kids. In a nut shell, I would like to see my kid very happy and learning what he needs to learn.

  • Czym wyróżniają się Twoje usługi na tle usług świadczonych przez inne osoby?

    My possitive attitude. I am like a magnet to kids, I am just so connected to them. My patience is also a big plus since I have had all kind of kids, and I have learned how to work with each individual learning process. I have plenty of experience, more than 10 years of working as a teacher in different schools, I was a camp counselor in Michigan, USA, and that was back in the year 2,000, since then, I realized my mission was to work with children.